Diploma in Business Administration & Bachelor in Business Management (BA & BBM)

Course Overview: This degree combines the theoretical study of management topics such as organizational behavior and human resource management with an understanding of the strategic and operational context of businesses. We place a strong emphasis on employability, giving you the chance to undertake a range of practical assignments, and market research. This balance of theory and practice prepares you for a wide range of careers including consultancy, media, manufacturing, retail, finance and human resources. Total Knowledge gained by the students enable them to manage proficiently any kind of business Large or Small.

What you study?

1st Year: English Communication, Computer Application, Introduction to HSE, Applied Mathematics, Principles of Accounting, Human Resource Management, Principles of Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Cost Accounting, Principles & Practices of Banking, Management Information System, Introduction to Finance, Business Law, 1MONTH PRACTICAL, PROJECT/ INDUSTRIAL.

2nd Year: Business Taxation, Organizational Communication& Management, Humanities & Social Science I, Statistics, Managerial Accounting, International Financial Institution, Operations management, Strategic Management, Business Environment, Organization change and Development, Marketing research, Industrial Training/Internship.

3rd Year: Business &Technical Writing, Human Resource Development, Project/Practical, Industrial training/ Internship.