Diploma in Computer Science & Bachelor in Computer Hardware & Software (DCS & BCHS)

Course Overview: Across all the sectors, Industries are upgrading their information technology systems. Industries ranging from plastics, chemicals, textiles and power to the automotive and telecom sector are now IT savvy. Government and the public Sector are going hi-tech with EDI and computer networks. The IT industry, software companies, data centers, IT-enable service providers are all equipped with advanced IT systems and networks. Students get a complete knowledge of Hardware & Software enabling them to fit themselves effectively in the field of information technology.

What you study?

1st year :English Communication, Computer Application, Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering, C Programming& Data Structure, E-Commerce, Computer Hardware, Microprocessor, Basic Electrical & Electronic, Object oriented Programming & C++, Linux, RDBMS, Operating Systems, 1month training.

2nd Year :Organizational Communication & Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, Networks & Data Communication, Digital Electronics, Visual Basics, Windows – Server, Java Programming, Logic Design, Internet programming & Cyber Law, Cisco Network Systems, Circuit Theory, SQL Programming.

3rd Year: Software Project Management, Project Training, Industrial Training/Internship.